Your Sign...

With the ability of choosing from a wide range of materials and profiles with the right design combining individual decorative requirements and maximum functionality. We create signs that can only leave the best impression on your customers. 

Illuminated / non-illiminated signs: neon sign consists of a metal box, inside which is the source of light (usually fluorescent, and in some cases with neon lights) and in front of the box is a transparent surface (usually plexiglass or vinyl) that allows to spread the light out while the message is displayed on the front of the neon sign.  

Illuminated signs are divided into two broad categories: 

• One illuminated sign face, on the one side (the front). Usually, signs are placed in front of the store and along the road. 

• 2-sided neon sign, and on 2 sides of legend. Usually, signs are placed vertically on the road to look in both directions of the road.

Types of illuminated / non-illuminated signs 

Depending on the materials used on the face of neon signs, we see: 

• Plexiglass letters with stickers 
Plexiglass with color printing. 
• Vinyl adhesive letters 
• Vinyl with color electronic printing 
Illuminated signs with pressed plastic on the front. 
Light boxes of 1 or 2 sides. 

Depending on the shape of the Illuminated / non-illuminated sign, we have: 

• Rectangular or square, with aluminum profile and straight around or pressed plastic or vinyl on the front. 
• Oval with straight plastic or pressed plastic. 
• Circular, with straight or pressed plastic or screens with pressed plastics. 
• Ball-shaped. 
• Crosses, mainly for pharmacies and usually with green pressed plex. 
• Arched, where the front side has the form of an arc, horizontal or vertical. 
• Special construction and shape, depending on customer requirements.

Neon Signs
Our company undertakes the construction of neon will shine and give anotherdimension to the inscription of your business.

Metallic  Letters
Our company manufactures metal letters and drawings from sheet metal, galvanized steel, brass and stainless steel.

Car Signs 
For you and your company's needs, of any business field and any kind of cars from ambulances, taxi, delivery, security etc, we offer car signs with and without lumination.


Know how...

The absolute knowledge we have gained enables us to face each new challenge to methods and materials, regardless of compositions and morphologies. The use of advanced technologies ensure our customers complete satisfaction of any requirement or need by offering: 

• Indelible design, surveying and cutting on various materials and objects with contemporary laser ordinance. 
• Six color digital printing on various materials and objects.

Application Areas 
For your continuing advertising, promotion, recall, attention, decorative and aesthetic intervention, we offer the following applications areas, materials or objects: 

Advertising: pens, key holders, writing instruments, other kinds of business gifts. 
Industry: facades machines, bar codes, metal fittings. 
Decorations: imprinting / engraving on glass, mirrors, plates. 
Noting: engraving special characters, serial numbers, ear tags for livestock units, surgical instruments. 
Goldsmith / Silversmithing: making materials from silver or gold. 
Tourism: decorative, stones, glasses, wood and plastic, pictures and photos on porcelain, marble, canvas, canvas, ceramic.

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