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Diavlos Group following the new technology is extended to the digital printing market by providing innovative applications for interior, exterior and floor use.

An important factor which makes digital printing the most competitive method of implementation of printing applications, is the effectiveness we can get in short runs (regardless of amount) in a variety of dimensions. People in Diavlos Group advise and propose optimal solutions covering specific situations to your needs, quickly and economically.

The company primarily offers the following services:

Using 3 different technologies we achieve the best result depending on the dimension of the issue we have to print.

We give the posibility to our customers to print in ploter with digital printing technology in any dimension tehy wish in any quantity at a high quality with cost per meter.

Diferent printings
We give the posibility to our customersto print with digital printing technology anything they want in a small quanity in a high quality, and charge them per item.

Our company undertakes to print the logo of your company on a flag (no mater what size it is) with digital printing in small quantities and with the technique of screen printing in large quantities.

Tents of all types (from the simplest to the most automated system).
       • Construction & installation of crimped slotted roof of black out PVC (Pergotenda), for heavy-duty with built-in light, by
         customers choice.
       • Construction & installation of any awnings with side aluminum guides in aluminum with fotogkref jelly, by
         customers choice.
       • Wooden pergolas, for heavy-duty (high quality - high aesthetics) with overt or hidden links.
       • Construction of external timber floors (decks) with a variety of choices in wood, with overt or covert support (driving).
       • Aluminum pergolas (architectural and industrial heavy-duty profile).
       • Construction & installation of aluminum spacers - windshield - railing and other custom constructions.
       • Construction of metal - aluminum - wood shelters for a variety of applications of all types and sizes.
       • Shelters for car parkings.
       • Shelters for boat parking.
       • Construction - sale - hire - lease prefab metal and aluminum awnings for commercial - industrial - private use.

Accepting the principle that the most decisive factor in the sale process is way we promote the product, Diavlos Group contructs stands from imaginativeness materials & designs with high quality, which function as tools for authentic communication and promotion at the sale.

We offer our clients innovative and integrated solutions, starting from the idea and the concept till the placement of the product in stores.

PVC printing
       • Vinyl Stickers - Sticker letters
         We construct self-adhesive letters to any size and dimension.
         Apply to any surface and remain indelible for a life without being worn by the weather. Our machinery (plotter) cut the letter          stickers on rolls of vinyl with a width of 1.20 m and an unlimited length, which is the biggest market.

• Mesh banner
• Canvas
• One way vision sticker
• City light
• Car branding
• Window - screen stickers
• Building branding
• Three-vision billboard


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